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Our Projects


Replacement of packing # Bed at Luberef Jeddah

Sunflare has significantly contributed to the successful execution of column internal installation project with supply of skilled manpower having specific set of skills and expertise of column internal.

Replacement of trays and packing #Bed at Tower C-1601 ,C- 1201 and C-1301 at Yansab Yanbu.

Sunflare played crucial role as partner during the execution of tray and packing replacement at Yansab with supply of various critical equipment along with the skilled/semi skilled manpower having precise knowledge and experience of handling various static equipment.

Refurbishment of Flare tip at Shaybah Aramco

Sunflare welder crew exhibited excellent performance and skills during the refurbishment of flare tip at Shaybah plant, which became instrumental, to prove the potential of Sunflare welding crew’s capabilities to client.

Replacement of Pipe line for tank-1001 at Satorp Jubail

Sunflare’s versatile team moved one step forward and extended extraordinary support for not only limited to mechanical job but also deputation of semi skilled crew having experience of civil construction work during the execution of pipe line replacement job at SATORP.


Man power supply

Discover a whole new approach to finding the right talent with us. We are all about creating tailored solutions that get you top notch candidates quickly. Our team of experts make sure you not only get what you need but get it quickly. Say good bye to the usual hassle and experience a straight forward, efficient and effective way of finding the best people for your team.


Sunflare hold the expertise in delivering high quality metal fabrication solutions. Our team of experts have proven track record of proficiently executing wide array of fabrication techniques, including metal cutting, welding, machining, and sheet metal fabrication. Adept at interpreting blue print and creating technical drawings to bring conceptual design to life.

Rental equipment

At Sunflare, we don’t just offer equipment- we promise and experience. Imagine high quality equipment seamlessly paired with 24 hour service, ensuring you have a partner in every project endeavor in the realm of equipment rental, Sunflare stands not only for quality nut is also synonymous with unwavering reliability and exceptional service. Elevate your expectations because, at Sunflare, our commitment is more than just a promise; it’s an assurance of excellence in every facet.

Maintenance & MEP Work

Beyond construction, our company's expertise extends to comprehensive Maintenance & MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) solutions.

Material trading

Sunflare is distinctive industrial material supply company catering to businesses of all sizes. With the vast network of suppliers, large inventory and strategic distribution of options across the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sunflare offers unique and comprehensive solution for industrial material needs.


Sunflare is dynamic subcontracting player across diverse companies in Saudi Arabia, specializing in supplying skilled and semi-skilled man power, along with the right equipment and material for industrial construction and maintenance projects. We excel in handling a wide range of jobs making us the preferred partner for streamlined and efficient subcontracting services.

About Us

Sunflare is a emerging company of high-quality products and services in Saudi Arabia. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for businesses and individuals alike. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction which is why we go above and beyond to ensure that they are happy with our products and services. Our team of knowledgeable professionals is always available to answer questions and provide support, so our customers can feel confident in their collaboration with Sunflare team.

Vision: To become the market leader with expertise in critical industrial services with adherence to environmental, health and safety and quality standards.

Mission: At Sunflare we are striving consistently to meet expectation of our customers by delivering high quality services, innovative solutions and relentlessly chasing the excellence. We are committed to become the most trusted partner of our customers by having shared goal of success and fostering mutually beneficial partnership.